The Finley Project – For Grieving Moms After Infant Loss

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It has been almost 3 years but I remember the day like it was yesterday.  That day April 10, 2015 was the day that our lives would be forever changed.  It was the day that we lost our almost 4 month old son.  At 10:20pm they pronounced him dead and having been on the other side as a clinician in the hospital as a Respiratory Therapist, this time I was on the receiving end of the horrific news that our little boy would never walk, talk, go to school, ride a bike, learn to shoot a basketball, go to college, get married or have kids of his own.  All of that was wrapped up in three simple words "Time of Death."

With this type of trauma our family was facing a level of grief that appeared to be completely insurmountable. With 4 other children ages 6 and under we had to keep going for them as life did not stop and there were times in the first few weeks after his death that it seemed like just getting out the bed or shopping for groceries were to large of a task to complete.  It was during this time that a friend introduced us to The Finely Project, which stepped in a made a tremendous impact in our family.

The Finley Project is non-profit organization that is committed to providing care for mothers who have experienced the unimaginable - the loss of an infant. Their devoted team provides a lifeline for mothers in the minutes, hours and days after infant loss through a 7-Part Holistic Program that supports each mother physically, emotionally and spiritually at no financial cost to them.

They provided our family with things that seemed so simple, but were very impactful in our healing process. Things such as grocery gift cards, massages for my wife, house cleaning, placement within a support group and one-on-one counseling.  Their entire focus was geared toward helping my wife heal from this horrific tragedy and providing some much needed support that would allow space for to grieve and begin the healing journey, a journey that never really ends.  It helped my wife so much, but the impact was felt by our entire family.

Each year The Finley Project works to increase their reach and help more mothers around the country navigate through this incredibly tough process.  Being a parent that has experienced the loss of a child is a club that no one wants to volunteer to be a part of but unfortunately this club is increasing in membership each year.  I would like to raise the necessary funds to support at least four (4) grieving moms in the upcoming year and help them to create a space to find some much needed rest and assist in the process of grieving the loss of their child.  A small portion of the funds will be earmarked to provide an outing for the fathers that loss their child.  

Please partner with me in this endeavor by donating to this campaign.  All monies raised will go directly to The Finely Project and will help them be the conduit of hope that will be much needed to aid a grieving mom through this indescribable and extremely difficult situation.


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