Project Hoop Dreams

By GAI Sports

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GAI Sports (A Sports Entertainment & Urban Marketing Firm) is raising funds to supply youth practice uniforms and equipment to HoopGrind ( Basketball.

HoopGrind Mission

HoopGrind is a program dedicated to advancing lives through athletics, education, and character development. Using a nationwide approach, HoopGrind will build a strong community that will create bonds lasting well beyond playing years. HoopGrind will mold elite athletes through advanced skill development and playing top level competition. The student athletes will be held to high standards on and off the court. Next Level preparation will be a strong focus through exposure, college prep, and academic advancement. Our goal is to establish a true support system that goes beyond the game of basketball to better the lives of our athletes and families.


It is our goal to promote educational advancement. All athletes will be held to GPA requirements. Education comes before athletics. Our number one aim is to give all of our student athletes the opportunity to obtain a college education. Students will receive college preparation through test prep, financial aid assistance, community service opportunities, assistance with compliance issues and other academic services to ensure that they are prepared to successfully navigate the transition to college. The ultimate objective is to provide every HoopGrind student athlete the opportunity to receive a college education and pursue athletic aspirations.


This program is for elite athletes. Practices will be intense and designed around advanced skill development within the parameters of successful team play. Athletes will be exposed to top level competition with opportunities for success. We want our athletes in the right situation in front of the right people.

Character Development

HoopGrind student athletes will develop strong characteristics that will ensure success in all future endeavors. Integrity, discipline, communication, and leadership are just a few of the critical skills that make up the building blocks of the program. Through all on court and off court experience youth will be pushed to achieve greatness. Community service, fundraisers, life experiences and competition will bring out the best in all members of the HoopGrind family.

HoopGrind STUDENT athletes will be disciplined, mentally tough, and well coached competitors that are given the tools they need to succeed both on and off the court.


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