Kelly’s jaw surgery

By Connie

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Kelly suffered an unfortunate fall in November 2015, which resulted in broken toes, jaw dislocation and tooth fracture. The broken toes have led to permanent nerve damage and the tooth became abscessed before her jaw was stable enough to be repaired. Kelly's jaw was treated medically, but constant headaches and joint displacement necessitated jaw surgery in April 2016. After insurance payments, she was still left with significant out of pocket expenses; thankfully she was able to cover the costs of surgery in addition to numerous other bills associated with the accident, while staying current on her other financial obligations. The initial operation was successful at keeping her jaw in place; now she has to undergo a second surgery in order to move her jaws forward. If this could be avoided, she would; however, she is currently unable to breathe properly and this in the only way to rectify. Though it is medically necessary insurance will only cover a small portion and the out of pocket expense that she will incur is nearly $17,000. This is particularly overwhelming since Kelly is unable to work full time right now due to health concerns and the debilitating headaches she suffers as a result of the injury.

Accepting help does not come easily for Kelly. She is a very private person and prefers to take care of herself. To date she has been able to cover all her medical expenses. Unfortunately, the timetable she now has been presented is impossible to meet; so, she finally agreed to allow her friends to help. If she is unable to pay the $17,000 up-front cost by March 31, then her out of pocket cost for the surgery rises to almost $27,000. If you are in a position to help, it would be much appreciated- no amount is too small. Your support of this fundraiser will help reduce Kelly's financial stress and aid in her speedy recovery. Thanks for your consideration!

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