Garian Vigil Breast Cancer Fund

By Garian Vigil Cancer Fund

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Garian has Stage 1, Grade 3, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the left breast. It is "Triple Negative" breast cancer, which is the type consistent with her hereditary cancer gene, BRCA1 (Ashkenazi Variant). The gene also puts Garian at greater risk for skin, colon and pancreatic cancer, in addition to the usual risks for recurrence among breast cancer survivors.

She will undergo a double mastectomy on Tuesday January 31st. There will be several weeks of recovery from the mastectomy, after which she will receive reconstructive surgery (yea new boobs). Additionally, the doctors have recommended a course of chemotherapy. The total treatment and recovery will last about six months.

Although Garian will be able to do some work during this time, she will have a difficult time making ends meet. Your support of this fundraiser will help reduce Garian's financial stress and aid in her speedy recovery.

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