A Day at the Movies with the Black Panther

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Directlyto is partnering with CJ Faison to raise funds to pay for a day at the movies to see the new movie Black Panther. Viewing this movie will provide an entire generation of young children the chance to see a black comic book character come to life on the big screen. More importantly they will have the opportunity to witness a predominantly black cast and see a nation in Africa (although fictional) with people of color that are portrayed in a more superior light. This something that has never been done before which would make it all the more encouraging and inspiring for you people to see as this could help t change the black film narrative altogether.

CJ is a film and tv producer born and raised in the small city of Ocala, FL He took an unconventional route to filmmaking after climbing the corporate ladder to discover that his passions remained unfolded. He is committed to telling the stories that give voices to people of color and exposing youth to opportunities that the creative arts have to offer.

Our goal is to start in CJ's home town of Ocala, FL and pay for 150 tickets to see the Black Panther movie. The tickets will come with popcorn and a drink. The estimated cost for each child is $10. Any additional funding will go towards bringing this event to other cities around the state of Florida and the US. Each donation to this campaign is 100% tax deductible.


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